What Is a Website?

by Shane Bond

A website is a collection of web pages that are linked together. Websites can be used for anything, from e-commerce to social networking to blogging.

Web pages are written in HTML, a programming language that allows you to build your own site. The HTML code is stored on your computer and is waiting for your browser to display it.

Every webpage on a website has a navigation bar that allows you to move from page to page. Most pages include a Back to Top button that helps users return to the upper section of the page.

Each web page is also connected through hyperlinks. When you click on a link, your browser will send a request to the server. The server will then find the web page you are looking for and return it.

A website can be maintained by an individual, a business or a group. Usually, the site will be located on a computer that is always on and connected to the Internet.

Some websites are more complex than others. A website that is solely focused on entertainment, such as a webcomic, may have comic strips posted on the site every day. Similarly, a review website will feature reviews of products or services.

One of the most important features of a website is the domain name. A domain is a unique designation that a website owner pays for. Having a domain name is important for SEO purposes, as it can lead to your website’s presence on search engines.

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