The Best Free Android Apps

by Shane Bond

There are a lot of Android apps that you can download free. You can find apps that are useful for a variety of purposes, such as assisting you in navigation or helping you communicate.

Shazam is a popular music recognition app for Android users. It detects music within a few seconds and provides links to buy or play the song. The app also allows you to add songs to your Spotify playlists.

One of the best Android apps is the Google Weather app. This app gives you daily and hourly updates on weather conditions. And, with a subscription, you can receive visualization tools and other features.

Aside from the weather, you can use this app for traffic reports. If you are on your way to a destination, the app will provide you with the fastest route

Moreover, the app can also let you know the type of road you’re on. In addition, the app can give you the safest routes, along with road condition data.

For people who enjoy running, there’s Adidas Running. This app can record key statistics like the number of calories you’ve burned, the time you’ve been exercising, and the duration of your workout.

Facebook is the most popular social networking website in the world. The mobile version of the app lets you post to your timeline, like posts from friends, leave comments, and even watch live streams.

Another free Android app is Mint. The application combines your bank accounts, credit cards, and investments.

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