A Web Design Course That Focuses on the User Experience

by Shane Bond

Web design is the process of designing a web page. It involves understanding the needs of the end users and creating a design that will meet their needs.

There are various subdisciplines within web design. These include information architecture, layout, and visual design.

One of the most important elements in web design is the user experience. A good web design connects the end user with the brand behind it. The user experience is the magic that brings a website to life.

This is an interactive web course that offers students a hands-on experience. The course is taught by industry professionals who know how to teach and mentor students. You will learn how to create responsive web designs, as well as advanced HTML and CSS skills.

Students complete assignments and projects throughout the course. They also receive feedback from their instructors. Instructors suggest a minimum of three hours of study per week.

Courses may be live or pre-recorded. Students can also access on-screen chat and talk with other students in the class.

Students can take quizzes on each module to test their knowledge. Quizzes generally take 20 minutes to complete. Several practice quizzes are provided.

As you progress through the course, you will learn how to build interactive websites. You will also learn how to separate data from display using JavaScript objects and templates.

The first module of the course focuses on effective layout and user experience. This includes the use of navbars and other design elements.

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